Illuminations Photography by Amanda Clay

lovin’ languages…

Lately things have been really fun around the category of languages! I have ACTUALLY ENJOYED studying lately. Although on the contrary, just yesterday I felt terrible in the beginning of class because I was asked to write Chinese Characters on the board after my teacher spoke them but I forgot a lot of them 😦 I also noticed during the rest of class I kept getting answers wrong. It all just seemed to be going downhill. During the break of class I literally was on the verge of tears and could barely hold it together. Flavio (my friend from Portugal) talked to me a little bit saying that I had to choose one of two options: either study as hard as I can and press on or just fall back into the next lower class. It was a no brainer, I said it before even thinking about it. I’m gonna study the crap outta these lessons! I really didn’t want to leave the class, just because one day I don’t get it all, I know it’s sometimes overwhelming but I just need to pick myself up, dust off my jeans and get back on the bike… because we can’t give up after one fall right? 😉

Speaking of riding bikes…

In my last post I mentioned that a wonderful girl from Portugal gave me her bike just the day before she went back home. So sweet of her and I have been absolutely loving riding around everywhere and any chance I get I’ll take it just to go somewhere on my bike. I have been taking any chance I can to just ride around and explore new places, it’s so easy and completely safe mom ;). I have been using my good sense of direction to guide me and the wonderful google map on my phone is easy to help me if I start to second guess. It’s a great workout too, I make it a goal to ride somewhere at least 15-20 mins away everyday so I can get a nice exercise. The beautiful scenery and interesting Chinese people are just a plus that comes along with the trip.


Lately I have started to miss so many people from back home! Especially when you guys write on my facebook wall! It’s hard sometimes for me to fit in with the foreigners here I think but I just keep telling myself that’s not what I came here for. I have had quite a bit of time to myself lately and so I’ve been alone with my thoughts and study time which is good but after a while it can get a little lonely. I’ve enjoyed it for the most part though, I haven’t ever had this much time alone and it feels good to find out who I am. I really enjoy being alone with my thoughts in my bike rides and parks. I went to Xuan Wu Lake the other day and it’s really beautiful, nice and peaceful too. There’s just something about getting into nature to clear your head and hold on to your emotions. It really helps to find what kind of person you are inside, and in my opinion can really improve on how you treat and act toward people. When you’re around people so much it’s like they can easily rub off on you and if they rub off too much it’s easy to forget who you are.

So I want to thank everyone back home and here in Nanjing that has helped me in ANY way and encouraged me to do my best. You have no idea how weak I would be without you. I miss you all back home very much and I hope you know that SURELY I have appreciate my relationship/friendship with you MUCH MORE. I know this post is short and that I really really need to post some photos and I will very soon, I promise, I’ve just been really really busy.



from my heart, in the heart of Nanjing…

Amanda Clay


One response

  1. Hello Amanda!
    Fantastic Skype this morning!
    Thanks for sharing, and allowing us a glimpse into CHina and your work!
    Best to ya, and Have Fun!


    November 10, 2010 at 2:17 am

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